Wife Number 8, Fortune (Jen), Stats

Age: born Virginia Dare to Ananias Dare and Ellinor White on August 18, 1587.  Roanoke, Va.

Height: 5'6''

Tribe: Croatan/Roanoke.  We are the mixing of Indian and Settler.

Calling: Healer/Herbalist

Personality:  Adventurous, full of life, tender, teasing, loyal, passionate.  Absolutely adores bad puns.

Your favorite foods:  I have a weakness for Hershey Kisses (even if they have yet to be invented).

Your favorite color:  Blues and yellows, certain shades of brown.  Grays. Black.   Reds and oranges.  Rich greens.

Your favorite activities:  Traveling, dancing, laughing.  Anything to do with sailing ships or the ocean in general.  Storm watching.  Firefly chasing.  Such things.

Your favorite characteristic about John Smith:  "There is nothing so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength".  My husband is such a man.

John and your song is: "Every Woman" by Garth Brooks ( I know, I know. Country.  Sorry.  But it suits us).

What color do you like John best in:  color, I could not say, but I love the way he looks when the firelight plays across him late at night.

Wedding date:  late summer, early autumn.  During Nepinough, just before Taquitock.  I do not know the English year for it.  Ask John.

Wedding colors:  the world was green and gold that summer.  When I remember my wedding those are the colors I see.

Wedding Place: my village of Roanoke.  Our Reverend Hunt performed the ceremony.  The celebration afterward lasted for three days and three nights.

Honeymoon spot:  I am not quite sure.  We packed a canoe and followed a river.  It took us weeks to find our way home.  Great fun.  (Too bad we lost the camera when we hit those rapids…..)

My favorite memory with John Smith:  Ask me to pick my favorite star in the sky or my favorite snowflake.  This would be easier for me than to try to choose which moment spent with my husband I love best.

John's first gift to me:  John gave my people back to me.  This was his first gift.  Always it has been so with us, the best gifts given are the ones that cannot be touched.  My favorite touchable gift though must be the amber pendant he gave me.  It reminds me of sunshine. 

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