The Story of How Lynleigh and John Met

It was a cold winters day in December and I had been working very hard all day at my Family's Little London Inn Cafe. Our family ran this small cafe and it was our source of income. We baked the best breads and cakes all over London! (and had the warmest rooms of any Inn. Our family lived up stairs on the top floor which was the third floor. The second floor was for the Inn and the bottom was for the cafe.

One evening, it was storming outside and I was to work all night in the cafe serving costomers who came in out of the cold. Then he came in. A tall handsome man, wrapped up in a thick jacket and large boots. He walked over to a table in the corner and sat himself down. When I came over to ask if he wanted anything, he began to cough harshly. Then I knew he was sick.

"Are you all right?" I asked with worry, placing my hand on his broad shoulder. He felt my touch and looked up at me. His eyes were red from fever and his skin was pale as the snow."Oh, sir, you don't look good. You need a doctor. I'll take you up to one of our rooms so that you can lay down, okay?" I began to help him up and he let me walk him upstairs to a room that had a view of the street.

"This room will do. Let me take off that jacket." As I proceeded, he began to shiver and cough more. Then quietly he mumbled, "Thank You," and looked into my eyes.

I placed him in bed, taking off his boots and clothing, and covered him up with the warm down blankets. I gave him some family medicine for fevers and brought him some warm soup that I had made just the other night. He sipped the soup hungerly, looking at me with every mouthful.

Once the bowl was done, I had him lay back on the pillow and I placed cold wash cloths on his forhead to bring down the fever. His eyes began to close slowly and he fell asleep.

I left him for the night, hoping he would recover.


The next morning, I got up early to begin work again in the cafe. My mom was already up serving some customers and ask me about that one man who came in last night. The one who was coughing. I told her he was sick and I laid him to bed in one of our rooms.

"You should go check on him." My mother said, looking at me with a little smile. "I will, I'm on my way there." I picked up a tray of food for the young man and began to ascend the stairs to his room.

When I got there, I started to here some movement inside the room. I knocked softly and then the man came to the door opening it slowly.

"Good morning. Is everything alright? Are you feeling better? I have brought some food for you to eat."

He opened the door and I noticed he was not fully dressed yet. Only a pair of pants hung losely about his waist and his chest muscles shown brightly in the dim light.

"Oh, I'm am feeling a lot better. Would you come in?"

"Sure." I walked in and he took the try from my hands. I looked at him carefully. "You are looking well. Alot better from last night."

"Oh, did I look that bad?"

"Very! I almost thought you weren't going to get better."

He smiled to me and I smiled back. "Well I'm better now. Thank you." He looked at me with these sad kind eyes and I could not help but to look back. I began to blush and a hot chill shot through my body.

"You are welcome." He sat down the tray of food on the table and asked me to sit down. "Oh I better not, I need to do chores and the morning is only so long." I began to stand up and walk to the door.

"No wait!" he quickly spoke up and took my arm. I turned around and he immediatly let go."Ahh, I....didn't catch your name?"

"Oh, it's Lynleigh."

"Lynleigh.....that is pretty, My name is John, John Smith."

"Mr. Smith, it was nice to meet you..........I'll check on you later." I shook his hand.

"I'll still be here. Bye now."


I went to my room and got dressed into some better work cloths. A pair of pants and a working T-shirt did it for me. I loved to dress in men's clothing because it was alot more comfortable, but was very 'unlady like'! I didn't care what people thought and I proceeded outside to do my usual chores. I took care of our chickens, vegetable patches, and the stables packed with all our livestock and horses. One horse was my favorite to ride, and when I was done with work, I rode her out onto the street for awhile. What I didn't know was that Mr. Smith was watching me through his window as I rode along. I caught a glimpse of him peeking through as I turned my head up, but then he disappeared.


I came back into the cafe after a couple hours and my mom asked me to go check on Mr. Smith. She wanted me to change before I went up but I didn't. I arrived to his door and knocked again.

"Hello? Mr. Smith?"

He opened the door and I noticed he was now fully dressed. He looked quite handsome in his vest and pants and I couldn't help it but to smile inside with pleasure.

"Hello." He looked at me up and down. "Do you normally dress like that?" Mr. Smith smiled to me.

"Well, it's alot better then what I have to wear. I hope you don't mind Mr. Smith?"

"Not at all. I kind of like it." He winked to me. "Oh, call me John, please."

"Okay John."


And that is how we met. The rest is well, we fell in love........he went back home but visited the cafe everyday......he took me out riding.....showed me his ship.......tried to cook for me..........helped me with chores in the morning so that we could spend the rest of the day together......etc etc etc........He loved me so much, he fianlly asked me to marry him, hiding the ring on top of a little cup cake. :)

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