Wife Number 5, Lynleigh, Stats

My age: 22

My personality: creative, shy but outgoing, pleasent, and sweet

My favorite foods: Bread, wine, and cheese

My favorite color: Blue and green

My favorite activities: making John happy, dressing like a guy, riding horses, and swimming.

My favorite charcteristic about John Smith: His Worldliness

My and Johnís song is: "Everything I do, I do it for you."

Color I like John best in: Blue and white

Wedding date: January 1st, ...the begining of a new year. I'm unsure about the year........

Wedding colors: blue, violet, and silver

Wedding Place: In a small village, outside of London, in a little chapel.

Honeymoon spot: We honeymooned on his ship, while sailing to the east....we were to visit China.

My favorite memory with John Smith: When we first met, he was just the sweetest thing to come out of the cold night air.

John's first gift to me: A warm loaf of bread and fresh butter.......it was his first loaf he had ever made! He was very inexperienced with cooking and wanted to impress me. We ate the loaf together and it was delicious, to the last bite!

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