Wife Number 3, Megaralda, Stats

My age: 17

My personality: kind, fiery, passionate, independent

My favorite foods: strawberry shortcake, bread ní butter, chicken divan

My favorite colors: bright red, bright purple, jungle green, hot pink, yellow

My favorite activities: dancing, running, playing physical games/activities

My favorite characteristic about John Smith: How understanding he is plus his strong features

John's and my song is: ĒI Donít Want to Miss a ThingĒ (Armageddon theme by Aerosmith)

The colors I like John best in: baby blue and black

Our wedding date: April 30th, 1630

Wedding colors: blue, white, silver

Wedding Place: In London, England by the sea

Honeymoon spot: Paris, France ...We visited the Eiffel Tower, went to the beach, and shared Johnís first eclair! We even stayed in a fancy inn!

My favorite memory with John Smith: Our wedding day!! When John cut the cake, he smashed it on my face and I did it back!

John's first gift to me: A wild tiger lily flower. He had found it growing in a strange spot -- a crack between the stones -- and thought of me.

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