The Story of How Ashley and John Met

I was walking along the road. I had just bought a new working outfit, when I first saw John Smith. John was a handsome man,with blue eyes that sparkled and golden hair that glittered in the sun, but I also noted that the man was in trouble. It looked like he won some money in a gamble, and the other players were not happy about it. Two of the men grabbed him holding him down, while another punched him, many times. I walked up to the men.

"HEY!" I yelled, getting the men's attention, "Is there a problem here?!" I said angrily.

The main guy, walked up to me, while John was still being held down. He looked at me and snorted.

"Get lost girly, this isn't your business!"

I eyed him, and as hard as I could I punched him, actually knocking him to the ground. I stood over the man.

"You tell your friends to let him go, and I better not see you around here again, understand?!"

The man and his buddies took off, and I helped John up.

"Are you alright Mr...?"

"Smith, John Smith" He said brushing the dirt of his clothes.

"Well Mr. Smith, you're bleeding awfully hard, let me take a look at it." I said smiling, my blue eyes flickering like diamonds.

John smiled. "That would be wonderful Miss....?"

"Oh my name is Ashley, Ashley Brown, but you may call me Ashley."

John smiled at me, and I took him to my small cottage and tended to his wounds. Before he left he kissed my hand, then softly closed the door behind him.

    The next couple days, I ran into John in town, and we became good friends. I was madly in love with him, and when I found out he was married, it crushed my heart into a thousand pieces. I soon found out that even though John was married he loved me. One day, when I tried to walk past Jhn, not wishing to talk to him for not telling me he was married, John grabed my arm, pulled me close to him and passionatly kissed me. I wrapped my arms around him. Then I knew that John and I would be more then friends.

    One Valentine's Day, John proposed to me, I accepted his proposual and on March 1st, 1607 we were married.

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