Wife Number 2, Ashley, Stats

My age: 17

My personality: Caring and comforting when John needs it most, neat and tidy

My favorite foods: Bread, Wine, Cheese, Meat

My favorite color: Silver

My favorite activities: Spending time with John, horseback riding, tending to animals on our large farm, cleaning, cookng, reading, and making clothes

My favorite characteristic about John Smith:His thoughtfulness

My and Johnís song is: "Loving you"

Color I like John best in: I like him in blue

Our wedding date: March 1 1607, 6months before he went to the new world

Wedding colors: Silver and Blue

Wedding Place: A tiny little church in London

Honeymoon spot: Paris

My favorite memory with John Smith: When John first kissed me

John's first gift to me: It was a golden locket and engraved on it was "I love you"

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