Wife Number 1,Yen-Yi (Liz), Stats

My age: 17

My personality: artistic, sensitive, sweet, intelligent

My favorite foods: pork fried rice, General Tso’s chicken, sweet and sour chicken

My favorite colors: dark red, eggplant

My favorite activities: painting, writing, reading

My favorite characteristic about John Smith:his nobleness and his sensitive side

John's and my song is: “Always Something There to Remind Me”

The colors I like John best in: Forest green, maroon

Our wedding date: the spring equinox (the first day of spring) in March, 1605

Wedding colors: deep crimson(red is China’s lucky color), gold, royal blue

Wedding Place: The Emperor’s palace, in the forbidden city. John used his influence to convince the Emperor to allow us to marry there!

Honeymoon spot: On the ship and in England...John took me to a private, scenic part of the countryside where he had built a little cottage surrounded by bowers of wildflowers.

My favorite memory with John Smith: We had a most romantic picnic in my family’s garden, under the magnolia trees. We each shared a poem for each other about our newfound love and he surprised me with flowers!

John's first gift to me: An elaborate dragon kite with a long tail that I had shown him in the marketplace. I had wanted it for so long, but our family had never had the money to buy what they saw as a frivolous item. The day after the excursion in which I had shown the kite to him, he appeared at our doorstep with it as a surprise, then took me out into the fields to try flying it!

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NOTE: Yes, I know the above picture used for Yen-Yi is NOT mine; it is, in fact, a picture of Mulan, who is owned by the Walt Disney Company ( and not me! *sniff*). This image was used with the best intentions and I am in no way trying to claim this character by using it as a "picture" for my wife character!! --Lizahontas 8:o)