Wife Number 11, Miss Catrin Garret, Stats

name:  Miss Catrin Garret

age: 19

Personality: Lively, outgoing, all ways ready for a good....nevermind

Fav. Food: Angel Hair Pasta

Fav. Color: Maroon

Activities: Horsback riding, and long walks on the beach with John

Fav. Chararistic about John: his eyes, his lips, and you knows he's gotta be good man if he dedicates his life for you

Fav. Color I like John in: Butt naked (just kidding or am I)

Mine and John's song: I'll be right here waiting

Wedding Date: March 24 1610

Wedding Color: I wore a white dress and he wore something

Wedding Place: On John's boat

Honeymoon Place: Vienna

Favorite Memory with John: Standing on the bow of the ship just staring of in the sunset

First Gift he gave me: A saphire ring

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