Savages (Part 1)

Vocals: Ratcliffe (David Ogden Stiers), Powhatan (Jim Cummings) and Chorus
 Music: Alan Menken Lyrics: Stephen Schwartz 

Ratcliffe What can you expect 
From filthy little heathens? 
Their whole disgusting race is like a curse 
Their skin's a hellish red 
They're only good when dead 
They're vermin, as I said And worse
	English Settlers: They're savages! Savages! 
	Ratcliffe: Barely even human
	 English Settlers: Savages! Savages! 
	Ratcliffe: Drive them from our shore! 

They're not like you and me 
Which means they must be evil 
We must sound the drums of war! 

	English Settlers They're savages! Savages! 
	Dirty redskin devils! Now we sound the drums of war! 

Powhatan: This is what we feared 
The paleface is a demon 
The only thing they feel at all is greed 
Kekata: Beneath that milky hide
 There's emptiness inside 
Native Americans: I wonder if they even bleed 
	They're savages! Savages! 
	Barely even human 
	Savages! Savages! 

Powhatan: Killers at the core 
Kekata: They're different from us
 Which means they can't be trusted 
Powhatan: We must sound the drums of war 
	Native Americans: They're savages! Savages! 
	First we deal with this one 
	All: Then we sound the drums of war 
English Settlers: Savages! Savages!
 Ben Let's go kill a few, men! 
Native Americans: Savages! Savages!
Ratcliffe: Now it's up to you, men!
All: Savages! Savages! Barely even human! Now we sound the drums of war! 

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