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Pocahontas listens with her heart, trying to understand John's question: "What is your name?"

Pocahontas studies John's strange helmet.

In her first meeting with John Smith, Pocahontas teaches him the Powhatan greeting.

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Pocahontas introduces John Smith to Grandmother Willow, who proclaims "He has a good soul and is handsome,too."

Nakoma tries to stop Pocahontas from going to see John Smith again.

Pocahontas and John are alone together, in a loving moment.

Pocahontas and John exchange a sad and loving goodbye.

Pocahontas bids goodbye to John as she watches his ship sail back to England.

This is a dramatic scenic shot...I'm not sure exactly what its origin is.

This background is a creation of Lizahontas. If you would like to use it,please email me. My contact info is on my homepage.8:o)

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