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Pocahontas reflects her sense of adventure in her dive off the waterfall in one of the opening scenes.

Our favorite Native American princess expresses her wishes for a different path than her father has mapped out for her "Just Around the Riverbend."

During "Just Around the Riverbend," Pocahontas shows that she is reluctant to marry the "serious" Kocoum.

The impressive Susan Constant coming ashore, with its "strange clouds."

John Smith immediately sets out to get a glimpse of the New World after the Englishmen's arrival.

Pocahontas peeks over a rock to watch John Smith.

Pocahontas makes a desperate grab at Meeko, trying to keep him from approaching the "pale faced" stranger she is watching.

The mischevious daughter of Chief Powhatan continues to follow John Smith, and watches as he takes a drink from the river.

!In the last moments before her encounter with Captain Smith,Pocahontas leaps from rock to rock in front of the waterfall.

Pocahontas at the movies!

Another closeup of Pocahontas when she is spotted by John at the waterfall. I couldn't resist!

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