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So, just what is fan fiction?? For this page, there are no restrictions -- the stories are just creations by fans that place Pocahontas and John in all different places, time periods, and situations. On some stories, Pocahontas or John may even be given different names for the purpose of the fan's storyline! You get the idea. Anyhow, if you would like to enjoy some prime fan fic, just click on the different titles below arranged according to author.

Fan Fiction by Fans, for Fans
By Amy
Now and Forever
If I Never Knew You (what happens after the sequel)

By Lizahontas
Gangsters,Part Two
Gangsters,Part Three
By Ashley
Pocahontas' Decision
A Mysterious Stranger
A Surprise for Pocahontas
Pocahontas' Two Loves

By Love Meeko
A New Life
A New Feeling, A New Love
Back From the Past(Sequel Rewrite: the abandoned cottage scene)
The Past Returns (Sequel Rewrite: "You love her" scene)
Not Giving Up On Love (Sequel Rewrite: Final scene)
Where do I go? (Sequel Rewrite: Final scene, version 2)
By Jen South
Pocahontas II Summery/Commentary
Where I Belong
Where I Belong,Chapter 2
Where I Belong, Chapter 3
If I Never Knew You
The Burning
The Burning, Chapter 2

So, are you inspired yet? Click here to send in your own ideas for posting! (Note: When you send it,please put your title in the subject box for your email and the story in the body of your letter.) I wanna submit my own fan fic!

This is yet another background specially created by Lizahontas. If you want to use it, you have to email me for permission! Thanx! 8:o)

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