Pocahontas Fan Art

For some, the movie Pocahontas is not only enjoyable to watch; it's also inspiring. Featured below is art created by fans who wanted to capture the characters in movie moments, their own situations, or just felt a strong desire to draw Pocahontas and her friends!


"New Love"


"Old Love"


"Passion," "New Love," "Aboard," "Old Love," and "Sitting" were all created by Love Meeko

"Classic Pocahontas"

"Classic Pocahontas" was created by Lizahontas
Sorry guys, this isn't my best example of fan art..I don't have a scanner so this is a pic I created on my computer a couple of years ago! When I get a chance, I promise that I'll scan my latest work. 8:o)

"True Love"

"True Love" is a creation of Lizahontas.
Okay, guys, this is my latest work...only, I had to create it ALL on my computer since I couldn't scan any hand drawings! I hope you like it! Please feel free to give me input on any of my artwork, or for that matter, my fan fic as well. 8:o)

Do you create works of art based on Pocahontas? Or are you planning on it now since you're soo moved by the art on this page? To submit your art, click I wanna submit my fan art!

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