Pocahontas II Pictures

This page contains various pictures concening the new sequel for Pocahontas; they range from actual movie pictures to art for the media! An explanation is included for each to help explain the nature of the image. Enjoy!

This image of Pocahontas in the jail scene is part of an actual cel from the movie.

The picture above is a depiction of Mrs. Jenkins stuffing Pocahontas into an awkward corset done for the lithograph given to those who reserved the sequel.

John Smith, who comes with John Rolfe to rescue Pocahontas, reveals to her that he is alive in this picture that appeared in a recent article about the sequel in Disney Adventures.

Pocahontas views London with growing excitement from the vantage point of a tree limb. This particular image appeared in the same article as the previous pic as well as in magazine ads for the sequel.

Pocahontas dresses up like an Englishwoman for the Hunt Ball, where she can convince the king that she is "civilized" and discuss peace between their people. I'm not sure where this image came from! It started as red line art of Poca on a black background; I found it on the web and saved it, later coloring it in on my paint program to enhance the image for this site!