Pocahontas II Mistakes

Well, like all Disney movies, original or sequel, there are bound to be some little errors that no one caught and thus made it to the final production! This page features those annoying little mistakes which slipped by unnoticed.

Mistakes Noticed by Viewers:
When Pocahontas is begging Rolfe to take her with him to meet the King, her dress is on backwards. --Ashley

When Ratcliff is about to kill Pocahontas on the ship we see her necklace, then suddenly it is gone. --Ashley

After the jail scene Pocahontas' fringe on her dress is gone. --Ashley

When John Smith is fighting on the ship his sword is in one hand, then all of a sudden it is in another hand. --Ashley

While Mrs. Jenkins is dressing Pocahontas for the ball, we see her putting on her glasses, then a second later they are gone. --Ashley

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