Where Do I go?
(rewrite of the ending to Pocahontas 2: version 2)

by: Lynleigh Love Meeko

"Oh John Smith, what an heroic attempt!"

"How did you escape?"

"Our Hero!"

    Pocahontas listened quietly outside to the appraisals that her beloved John Smith received. He had shown great bravery in stopping Ratcliff (and rescuing her.....and her heart). Smith received the comments graciously and proudly. Pocahontas was so pleased that Smith finally got the attention that he had always dreamed about and the notice he had always wanted. She stepped slowly away from the doors, hinting to Smith to hurry up and meet her outside on the verandah.

The day was a beautiful day and one to have great celebrations on. Pocahontas walked to the ledge and looked out. The breeze picked up and she closed her eyes, knowing her heart was telling her something, something about her path, and where to go. She opened them and noticed John Rolfe coming out of the room, and in hand, a beautiful young lady. She was more then Pocahontas had ever seen, with brightly colored beads in her gown, and small delicate lips. They walked over to Pocahontas.

"Pocahontas, I would like you to meet...." John Rolfe started, "....Lynn."

Lynn softly let go of his arm and walked to Pocahontas.

"I just met her today. She is one of the King's ladies in waiting."

"Hello, how do you do?" She gave a small curtsy and smiled. "Johnny has told me all about you. I hear you are from the America's. Oh, how much I would like to visit there someday! You must be proud of your land."

Pocahontas perked up. She was surprised with Rolfe. Him with a young lady like this at his arm. John must feel very proud.

"Yes, I am well. I am very proud of my people and my land." She smiled to Lynn and Lynn smiled back. 'Odd' Pocahontas thought....'I thought Rolfe loved me. Doesn't he? Or was that my imagination?' Pocahontas looked at Rolfe and saw the sparkle in his eye when he looked at Lynn. 'I guess, if she makes him happy, maybe then Rolfe wasn't my path after all......but then.......what is?'

"Pocahontas? Now that the King has recognized you for your royal status and has made you apart of his court, will you go back to your people? Mrs. Jenkins would really like to see you once more and I think Ute wants to stay behind with her."

"Ahh.....I don't know yet." Meaning, Pocahontas was uncertain of her path. Her heart was not helping much.  "I guess I will soon. My people need me, it's about time I went to them and shared the great news."

"That would be a good choice. You should tell them."

    Then John Smith came running up behind Pocahontas, grasping her by the waist and lifting her into the air.

"Pocahontas! They gave me a ship! My own ship! My dream has come true!" He looked into Pocahontas' eyes with the biggest smile on his face, letting her down to the ground.

"I'm so glad for you, John." Pocahontas tried to act happy for him, but 'her path' was bothering her.

"Yes, I will have to put together a crew immediately! Get supplies and such. This is wonderful!" John let go of Pocahontas' waist and turned to the landscape, dreaming. "I'll set new courses, visit unknown lands, travel around the world!"

Rolfe and Lynn listened intensely.

"That sounds wonderful Smith." Rolfe said.

"I'm so proud. Sounds fantastic." Lynn added.

"I know! And I can't wait." John said enthusiastically.

    Pocahontas, on the other hand, was not enthusiastic. She was confused, felt misled. She turned her head away from the commotion. 'I thought Rolfe loved me, now he has someone else. And John Smith, he has his ship now, where would I fit in? I feel so lost,' a tear streamed down her check,'What is my path!? Where do I go, from here?'

    John Smith's voice became a mumble in her ear as she tried to listen to her heart again, closing her eyes. To ask it, where she should go. Then Pocahontas felt a pair of hands touch her shoulders. They were a large pair, long in the fingers and wide in the thumbs. They laid heavy on her, but their warmth was comforting and she began to like them. Then the hands began to pull her, pull her around in a circle. Pocahontas did not understand, but she let them pull her. Soon she heard a voice, a deep pure voice she once knew. The words she could not make out but then became clearer. Pocahontas opened her eyes, to face John Smith. It was his warm hands on her shoulders. Pocahontas let out a long sigh.

"Pocahontas? Are you all right? Have you heard what I said?" John asked.

"Huh? Oh, John.........um."

"Pocahontas, I want you to come with me. I want to sail the world with you.........I want you by my side, always." John looked deep into her eyes.

Pocahontas, a little unclear of what he meant, began to piece it together in her head. "Go with you? On your ship?"


Pocahontas looked at him, into his eyes..........'Is this it? My path?' she thought.

"But where would we go? What would we do?"

"Pocahontas, we would be together. That's all that matters. I'm never giving you up again." John pulled Pocahontas closer to him. He touched her cheek carefully, not to alarm her or to effect her decision. "Please say yes. I would be lost with out you."

Pocahontas was speechless. As she looked at him, at his handsome face, his dear expression, she remembered that sad day when he left her and he asked her to come with him. She had refused.......and now at this moment, she did not want to refuse again, like she did so many years ago. Pocahontas knew what her path was now! She knew where to go! And she knew what her heart was telling her! 'Go with him!' it repeated.

"John.......yes, YES, I will go with you." Pocahontas cried out with only her breath.

John Smith looked to her in shock! What was this he was hearing? "You want to come? To be with me?"

"Yes! I do!"

"Pocahontas! Thank you! You will not regret this! I love you so much!"

John couldn't handle himself or his happiness that he suddenly felt. He took Pochaontas in his arms, and in front of Rolfe and Lynn, kissed Pocahontas on the lips passionately! Pocahontas could not refuse him and wrapped her arms around, holding tightly.

"Well, I guess Pocahontas will be an adventurer too...........and a Mrs. Smith." Lynn added, smiling big to Rolfe. John Rolfe smiled too. He was happy now that Pocahontas had found her path and she had finally found where she belonged, because for Rolfe, he knew where he belonged now. He looked at Lynn then kissed her.

And for John Smith, he was the happiest man alive.


  The End

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