Not Giving Up, on Love
(rewrite of the ending to Pocahontas 2)

by: Lynleigh Love Meeko

"Oh John Smith, what an heroic attempt!"

"How did you escape?"

    Pocahontas listened to the appraisals that her friend received as he tried to exit the room.  Smith had been rewarded by the King for his bravery and Pocahontas was quite proud. But as she listened, Pocahontas noticed John Rolfe standing alone by the rail, not being noticed for his bravery. Pocahontas was proud of both her friends, but felt a need to go to Rolfe.  She quietly walked over to him and softly placed her hand on his shoulder. Rolfe turned around, his depressed expression disappeared once he saw Pocahontas and a little smile broke through. Pocahontas knew something was wrong but didn't know what.

"Lord advisor to the Royal Court. What a wonderful honor. It's what you always wanted." She smiled, trying to cheer him up.

Rolfe's smile subsided. "Yes........and you, you've done everything you set out to do....and more." He said, thinking to himself, 'and have me fall in love with you.' "Your people will be very proud," Rolfe added.

Pocahontas started to feel depressed herself as she thought about leaving. She didn't want to leave, to leave Rolfe, to leave London.... "Yes, it will be good to see them again."

Pocahontas turned her head away, afraid that her eye's may begin to tear. John didn't know what more to say. As he looked at Pocahontas outside on the terrace, he remembered everything they had done together that week and how he didn't want to give it up. 'I have to tell her' Rolfe repeated to himself, tell her he loved her and didn't want her to go.

"Pocahontas, I..." He blurted out and Pocahontas looked at him, anticipating what he was about to say. She also wanted to tell him she didn't want to go.


    Then they were interrupted. John Smith ran over to Pocahontas and picked her up by the waist.

"Pocahontas, they gave me a ship! My dream has come true!" He gently let her down. Rolfe stopped what he was going to say and stepped back away from Smith. "And I would love to share it with you, Pocahontas," Smith continued, taking Pocahontas hands in his. She looked at him then at Rolfe, who was beginning to walk away.

"Oh John, that is so great, thank you." Pocahontas smiled, but glanced over to Rolfe.

"Yes, I'll put a crew together immediately! We will sail the world together! I'll chart new courses, visit new lands, and you will be by my side."

    Pocahontas was happy for John Smith, but didn't listen, her thoughts were else where. John Rolfe walked away slowly, lowering his head. Pocahontas wanted to stop him from leaving, but couldn't interrupt Smith. She just turned her head away from him.

"What is it?" Smith wondered, noticing Pocahontas' sad face. "That's not what you want."

"John, I love you, but......." She paused, "We walked the same path once I have found where I belong."

"Pocahontas, I hope you are following the right path. I will miss you." He spoke quietly.

"Oh John, I'll miss you too, but you will always be in my heart. Remember that."

"I will always remember."

"May the Great Spirit be with you."

    Smith felt a sudden sadness. His dream to travel the world with her was now gone. But he wanted Pocahontas to be happy and if this is what she wanted, so be it.

"I hope you will be happy."

    John took her into his arms and they kissed for their final and last time. A single tear flowed down John's cheek.

Inside, Rolfe watched them embrace through the french doors. His heart sank. 'Pocahontas does love Smith, then she is to be with him.' Rolfe walked away.

    John Smith let go of Pocahontas. His arms slowly falling to his sides. He gave Pocahontas one last look before descending down the steps to the garden. 'Good Bye' Pocahontas said to herself.

    Pocahontas watched Smith leave then walked back inside. Through the french doors, she saw Rolfe leaving. "John Rolfe!" She shouted, running after him.

"John?" Pocahontas ran through a couple rooms before finding herself outside the palace. She caught up to him just before he was about to leave in his carriage.


"Pocahontas? What are you doing here?"

"I've come to be with you."

"No Pocahontas. You should be with John Smith. I don't deserve you." Pocahontas stared at him in shock. She went speechless. John continued to get into his carriage, not caring to look at her. "Pocahontas.....go to him. Now, I said! Leave me! If you don't love me, then go!" Rolfe looked away from her. "Yaah!" He shouted to his horse and rode off.

"John, No!" Pocahontas cried, "but I love you."

    John Rolfe arrived home, slamming the door behind him and quickly walking to his study. He sat down at his desk, placing his head in his hands. Thoughts were spinning around in his mind and he could not think straight.

    Mrs. Jenkins heard him come in and went to see what had happen. She peeked her head inside his study and then knocked softly on the door.

"Johnny?" She asked concernly, "Is everything all right?"

"Everything is fine." John mumbled in a low angry voice.

"Where's Pocahontas? I thought you were bringing her back?"

"She's not coming back.......ever." He answered, a bit sadly. "I'm tired, let me be."

"Okay Johnny." Mrs. Jenkins studied an old picture hanging on the wall of John's parents and then continued, "I remember how when you were a boy, you never gave up on what you wanted. You were so adorable and had a strong will, like your father. I remember when your father met your mother. He loved her so much, that he gave up everything to be with her," she paused and looked at John, still holding his head in his hands, "Real love, is not ever giving up....on your love.....and her love."

    Rolfe listened to her words. He immediately moved around in his chair towards the door way. "Mrs. Jenkins...." But she was gone out of the room. "But what does........that mean?"

Mrs. Jenkins came back an hour later to check on John. She was ready to leave for the dock to say good bye to Pocahontas and wanted to see if he would like to come. When she got to his study, John was gone, only a note was left behind addressed to her. It read:

    Mrs. Jenkins,
Thank you for everything. I shall not give up.
                Your Boy, Johnny

"Oh my dear boy."

Pocahontas arrived to the pier minutes before the ship was about to depart. She exited the King's carriage and walked down the path to the ship's ramp. Mrs. Jenkins was there looking for her.

"Pocahontas, Pocahontas? Oh..."

"Mrs. Jenkins? Over here!"

"Oh my dear." Mrs. Jenkins hugged Pocahontas and she hugged her back.

"Oh Mrs. Jenkins. Thank you for everything. Is John Rolfe here?"

"No, I'm afraid not. He left an hour ago. I thought he would be here...." She said concernly. Pocahontas' smile turned to a sad frown and she looked away sadly.

"Oh John..." She said, he voice breaking. Her eyes began to water. 'He doesn't love me, I've hurt him' she thought. Mrs. Jenkins began to worry. She didn't want it to end this way.

"My dear, I'm sure he will show up."

"Thank you Mrs. Jenkins. Oh I will miss you."

"I will miss you too, please come back again."

"I'll try. Good-bye."

"Good-bye dear."

Pocahontas began to board the ship. Her heart just breaking inside, and with tears in her eyes, she walked over the to side to watch the ship pull away from dock.'I'll never see him again.'

    In the shadows of the Captain's quarters, John Rolfe had been waiting for Pocahontas. When he saw her board and walk to the side, he quietly walked over. He felt so guilty from what he had said earlier.


Pocahontas perked up. She recognized that voice and turned around.

"John!" Her heart began to beat faster. "I thought...." John lowered his head to her.

"Pocahontas, I am so sorry for what I said, please forgive me. I just couldn't let you leave.....with being with you."

Pocahontas touched his hair, weaving it through her fingers, as she looked into his sad eyes.

"I do forgive you, I love you."

"Then I shall honor you with all my heart, Pocahontas."

    John wiped away her tears and placed his hand under her chin, lifting her head to his. He leaned over and gently kissed her tender lips.

As the boat sailed away, Mrs. Jenkins waved good-bye. Then she noticed a young man with Pocahontas, it was Johnny. When she saw him with Pocahontas, her eyes began to fill with tears of happiness! She now knew that he did not give up on Pocahontas' love, and his.

The End

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