The Past Returns ( Rewrite of "You Love Her" scene)
By Lynleigh LoveMeeko

After Pocahontas stormed out of the cottage, John Rolfe stared at Smith intensely.

"This is all your fault, look what you did." Rolfe exclaimed. He stormed out after Pocahontas. "Pocahontas! Wait!"

John Rolfe didn't get very far until he realized that Pocahontas was gone out of his sight. He looked carefully across the country side, but could not see her through the thick fog. Smith ran up behind him but Rolfe blocked his way. "Let her go."

Smith tried to pass him. "You may not care about her." He quietly said to himself pushing away Rolfe's arm, but Rolfe grabbed him strongly.

"Don't you dare say that I don't care about her!"

John Smith was surprised of Rolfe's anger. He stopped where he was and looked on towards the direction where Pocahontas vanished then looked back at Rolfe. He knew what was going on and was not surprised.

"You love her." Smith pointed out. Rolfe let go and raised his head with belief of what Smith was saying to him. He could not let Smith see how much he cared for Pocahontas knowing that Smith was with her first.

"What! That is none of your business!"

"But you do love her." Smith's face turned to an angry one.

"Maybe I do." Rolfe stood up straight and faced Smith. He knew Smith was stronger then him, but he used all of his strength to show him he was not about to back down. "And what if I said I did?"

"I would break the person's arm that I'm staring at right now."

"Oh yeah!"

Smith stepped towards Rolfe, trying to challenge him.

"Yeah, I would. Long and painfully."

Rolfe swallowed slowly and started to imagine Smith breaking his arm.

"Why would you break my arm? Do you think that is going to help Pocahontas in anyway?!"

"I don't know, but it would certainly help me!" They began to get closer. Almost touching chest to chest. Their hands coupling into fists about ready to leave ground and do some major damage.

"You don't deserve her Smith! What makes you think she wants to be with you."

"Because I was the one she ran too for protection when we escaped. I didn't see her run to you."

That was just harsh! John Rolfe couldn't believe what he said and did not want to believe it, though it was true. Tears started to form behind his eyes, but Rolfe could not let them out. He continued to stare at Smith, eye to eye. "Well, she was the one that was happy to see when I came into the Jail cell. I didn't see her jumping for joy when she saw you!"

"That's because she was speechless to see me."

"Pocahontas loves me, I know it."

"She wouldn't give the time of day to you! She loves me." Smith was certain of it. He loves her so much, why wouldn't she love him? She did kiss him just a moment ago. Rolfe had to disagree though, he knew Pochaontas loved him.'They almost kissed at the Hunt Ball!' he thought. "She loves me! Tonight, we were going to............" Rolfe stopped himself. He didn't want to give away that they almost kissed. "Well, if you weren't here, it would be very different!"

"Well, I'm here and it is different. It seems like I have the better half of her heart."

"No you don't!" Rolfe couldn't hold it any longer. He took his fist and just thrusted it in the air towards Smith's face. Smith easily blocked it, but did not see Rolfe's other swing with his left hand and Smith felt a sharp pain to his cheek. Smith wobbled on his feet for a moment and when he regained balance, he swung at Rolfe, hitting him the the stomach. Then they both went after one another. Swinging punches, pushing, and pulling.

Then Ute walked over slowly, crossing his arms. He knew that they were fighting over Pocahontas and knew it was foolish. He walked in front of them, then made his way in-between, grabbing one of their shoulders each and pushing them away from one another. It was like watching to dogs fight and the owner pulling them away from one another. Rolfe and Smith, still struggling to get to one another, got the idea that Ute was showing them and they stopped. Rolfe immediately turned away from Smith's watch as he hung on to his sore stomach. Smith stood strongly still, waiting for any unexpectant blows. They both were breathing hard from exhaustion.

Ute then looked at one another and gave out a load growl, warning them to not fight anymore. Rolfe and Smith both walked away from one another.

'I'm not about to give up Pocahontas to anyone' Smith thought. 'But what if Rolfe is right? Maybe Pocahontas does love him.'

Smith sat down on a rock near a tree.

Rolfe walked over to a patch of grass, and he too, sat down.

'Pocahontas loves Smith. She doesn't love me at all. How could I be so blind. She is rightfully Smith's, I should have not interfered.' He thought quietly.

The cool air settled their nerves and they both waited for Pocahontas' return. She was the only one who knew the answer. For Rolfe and Smith, to fight it out was wrong and wasn't solving anything.                             

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