Back From the Past (Rewrite of Abandoned Cottage Part)
By Lynleigh Love Meeko

After narrowly escaping the tower guards, Pocahontas, John Smith, and John Rolfe rode out to an old abandon cottage in the woods, just out side of London. John Rolfe was riding ahead of Smith and Pocahontas, so he was the first to check out to see if the run down home was empty. Slowly Pocahontas and John Smith followed behind. Pocahontas was in shock, she still could not believe that John Smith was alive after so long. She looked over to him as he rode along and could not take her eyes away. 'It's like he is back from the dead' she thought.

They arrived to the cottage and John Rolfe came out side to greet them.

"It's safe, there is no one here."

Pocahontas looked over to John Smith once more,  just make sure she was not dreaming. Suddenly she felt a hand on hers and she turned her head towards it.

"Here, let me help you down." John Rolfe said. But then John Smith came over.

"No, let me. Come on Pocahontas, I'll help you down." he insisted. Rolfe gave him an intense look. Pocahontas was embarrassed of how they were acting, like little boys.

"I can do it myself!" She exclaimed. Rofle and Smith moved aside and Pocahontas slipped down from the saddle. Her long dress falling to her sides as she felt ground. Rolfe said nothing and took the horse's bridle in his hand, leading him away behind the cottage. Once alone, Smith looked to Pocahontas.

"Shall we go inside?" He gently took her hand in his as if he had never touched it before. Pocahontas looked into his eyes then looked away.

"Yes, let's go."

They walked inside the house. It was dark and gloomy. John lighted a candle that was on a shelf. Pocahontas looked at the old walls, studying the cob webs and cracks. 'So old, yet still holding together' she thought. Smith came over to Pocahontas and softly touched her shoulder. She turned around to face him. His warm hands made her feel better in the dark cottage.

"Oh Pocahontas, how long has it been?"

"Too long......." Pocahontas replied, looking into his deep blue eyes. John placed his hands on her shoulders, rubbing his thumbs against her smooth skin.

"I know, too long.  Pocahontas, I...." John couldn't get the right words out,but Pocahontas interrupted him.

"John, I've missed you so much!" She took the words right out of his mouth.

"Me too Pocahontas! I thought about you everyday. There wasn't a moment I couldn't get you out of my mind."

"But why didn't you ever write to me? To let me know you were still alive. I thought you had died on the way back to London."

"Well, I...." John felt the lost of words. He knew he should of sent her a letter. "I must of started 1000 letters." He stepped back, feeling a little guilty. "I never knew what to say. What I felt, I just couldn't get onto paper.....I'm sorry."

John looked to Pocahontas for an acceptance. She looked at him with a disappointed face, but a small smile began to break through.

"Oh John." Pocahontas went to John and placed her head on his chest. Her touch loosened him up and he relaxed. John touched Pocahontas' soft hair, gliding his fingers through it and softly laying his head on hers.

"At least we are together again." he said softly. John put his strong arms around Pocahontas and embraced her firmly. Pocahontas had never felt so safe and warm then she did right then in that cold little cottage with John. She lifted her head to meet his. John's eyes were closed slightly she noticed, 'he has missed me'

Pocahontas thought. She raised her body up to her tip toes so to reach John's eye level better. John opened his eyes and he leaned towards Pocahontas. His tender lips just barely began to touch Pocahontas'. She felt his need and let him go to her. His lips pressed against hers, not letting go and not wanting too. Pocahontas wrapped her arms around his neck. She, herself, could not let go either. They embraced for what seemed like an eternity.

Then John pulled back. Pocahontas eye's were still shut as he studied her features. Suddenly there was a noise in the other room and John Rolfe walked in. As he saw Pocahontas in John Smith's arms, his heart fell to his stomach. He didn't believe it. 'I shouldn't of let Smith help me. This was a bad idea' he thought. John Smith let go of Pocahontas and faced Rolfe as he approached. Pocahontas spoke up.

"What am I going to do about my people?"

Rolfe answered and so did Smith. They began to argue for what Pocahontas should do about them. Smith didn't want her to be killed and Rolfe wanted her to stand up for them. As they argued about her path, Pocahontas began to feel upset. She couldn't take it and stormed out of the cottage. 'What am I to do? I don't know where to go! And what's worse, who do I chose, John Smith or John Rolfe. I love them both with all my heart!' she thought to herself as she ran off into the night.

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