A New Feeling, A New Love

by Lynleigh

After John Smith left to return to London, Pocahontas was left behind, all alone. She knew she couldn't go with him because her people needed her, but she always regretted not going with him. 

The years passed and Pocahontas got word from Jamestown that John Smith had died on the way to England. His wounds were so infected that he couldn't make it in time for treatment. Pocahontas dreaded that moment when Thomas told her the news, but she had to except it. Feeling awful and really alone, Pocahontas concealed herself away in her village, not seeing anyone. She swore to herself that she
would never be able to love someone else again like she did for Smith. 

Another year passed and that winter, news came that more settlers had arrived and acquired assistnce for an interpreter. Pocahontas was the only one qualified for the task, and therefore, she excepted the duty. It would help her get her mind off of Smith. 

Pocahontas packed her things together, said good-bye to love ones, and left for Jamestown. She didn't look back as she left her village. For some reason, she knew  a new life was waiting for her and this was the begining of it. 


Early the next day, Pocahontas arrived in town. Thomas and several settlers  greeted her at the enterance, but there was a new face among the crowd. Someone she did not know or reconized. He was tall, slender, and quite handsom with long flowy brown hair and deep brown eyes. His clothing was only of the finest and glittering jewlery was around his neck. 
Thomas came up to Pocahontas, "Pocahontas, I would like you to meet John
he is an important diplomat from England." 
Pocahontas looked to Thomas in surprise. Why was someone important doing here
"Wingapo." She said. Trying to look interested. 
"Hello, I am so glad to finally meet the one and only Princess Pocahontas that
heard so much about." John Rolfe took her hand and pecked it with his lips. 
Pocahontas blushed! 
"Oh, you've heard about me?" 
"Yes, quite alot. That is why I'm here." 
"Yes, but I'll tell you about that later. First, we must get you to your
And get all your belongings put away!" Rolfe smiled to her and took some of
things. Other settlers took the rest. "This way, I'll take you to your home." 

Rolfe lead Pocahontas to her new home and let her unpack her things. After she
done, Jamestown prepared a big feast in her honor for returning to Jamestown 
after so long. Pocahontas was pleased of the gathering and started to feel at
in her new surroundings. 


After a couple days to herself in her new home, John Rolfe came by. The long 
awful winter days kept everyone inside and he wanted to check in on her. 
"Oh Rolfe, Wingapo." 
"Hello, can I come in?" 
"Certainly, please." 
"Thank you." John Rolfe smiled and lead himself to a chair next to the
and sat down. "So what have you been doing?" 
"Oh, not much. Still trying to get used to these new surroundings." 
"Well, you better get used to them quickly." Pocahontas perked up and look at 
"What do you mean?" 
"Well, because I would like to offer you a great position where you can serve
people and our people together." Pocahontas looked at him puzzled."I mean, I
you to be an embassador for your people with England." 
"An embassador?" 
"Yes, someone who deals with affairs that includ their country, or for you,
people here in the New World." 
"Really!" Pocahontas was exceited. What an oppertunity! 
"Yes, but that will require for you to go to England." 
"Go to England!" 
"Yes, and you will meet the King and Queen. That is why I was sent here, to
you and make you an embassador for your people." 
"Oh John Rolfe! I'm so happy." Pocahontas started to dream, "London! Oh I'm 
going to London!" Then she paused, "but what will I wear, how shall I act? I
even read!" 
"That's no problem. I'll make sure to teach you all the ettiqetes that you
will need, 
and even how to read." 
"When am I going?" 
"We were planning about 2 weeks." 
"Then we better get started John Rolfe." 
"Please call me John." John Rolfe smiled. 
"Ok." Pocahontas grinned. 


For the next two weeks, John Rolfe came over everyday and spent endless hours 
with Pocahontas to help her with reading. Gradually she became better and
John was amazed of her progress! With each day, John and Pocahontas'
grew stronger and they became attached to one another. John was facinated by
and Pocahontas was happy that he had so much patience to be able stand through
of her mistakes. In the end, John Rolfe knew that each moment spent with 
Pocahontas was well worth it! 
"Ok Pocahontas, I have something for you." 
"What is it?" 
"A dress. All english women wear them and our work wouldn't be complete
the finishing touch." 
"Oh, it's so beautiful." 
"Go ahead, put it on." 
"I will, be right back." 

Moments later, Pocahontas emergerd from her room in a stunning new dress. John
Rolfe's mouth dropped. She was so beatiful! Pocahontas walked over to John 
"How do you like it?" Pocahontas spinned around in a circle. 
"You......you are so.....beautiful Pocahontas." 
"Why thank you." 
"Wait, you are missing something." 
"Well, I feel that nothing else could fit in this dress." 
John took out Pocahontas' mother's necklace and placed it around her neck. 
"Oh John." 
"Now you are ready........Oh, but wait!" 
"What is it this time?" 
"You don't know how to dance! I must teach you." John went to the door and
for Thomas to come in and another lad. "Thomas, please play your flute. And
play your fiddle. I am going to show this young lady how to dance." 
Thomas looked at his friend and laughed. 
"Okay Rolfe, whatever you say." 
John took Pocahontas hands and placed one on his shoulder. 
"Oh, I don't know about this John." 
"Come, just follow me. Mystro! Play your music!" 
John started to guide Pocahontas across the floor. They danced like they had 
always danced together. Other people outside came to watch and joined in. In
several minutes, the whole room was crowded with couples dancing, with
and John right in the middle. Pocahontas pressed up closer to John, their once
dance began to slow down as their eyes met. Pocahontas' heart began to beat
and her plams started to sweat. Her face felt flushed and she couldn't breath 
anymore. John embraced Pocahontas more firmly and lowered his head closer to 
meet her eyes.'She is so perfect' John said to himself as he looked into
eyes. This was too much for Pocahontas. 
"I'm sorry John." Pocahontas, looking stressed, let go of Rolfe's embrace and
stormed out of the house. 'I can't! I just can't!' Pocahontas said to herself.
can't fall in love with Rolfe. I love John.....but he's dead....he's dead.'
She began to 
cry and ran across to an open field from the house. 
"Pocahontas!" John cried. He escaped the party within the house and came
to the coolnight air."Pocahontas?" he caught a glimps of her wondering in the
John started to feel upset with himself and compassion for Pocahontas. Was is 
something that he did? Was it the crowed? John meet up with Pocahontas in the 

"Pocahontas? Are you alright?" He asked quietly, not to hurt her futher. 
"I'm fine." She answered. John knew she wasn't. 
"Pocahontas," he said in a gentle voice, placing her hands in his, "If
something is 
troubling you, please tell me. I don't want to feel that I'm pushing you into
all this 
too much. If you don't want to go through with being an embassador, I will 
"No no John, it's not you are this embassador position........I was just
someone. Someone close to me." 
"John Smith?" 
"yes, how did you know?" 
"I knew you two were close and that he......died.......on the way back to
london for 
"Yes." Poccahontas looked at the ground and started to cry again. "Oh John, I
him so much. To think that I'm going to go to london makes me even more sad
miss him more." She laid her head against John's shoulder. "I  still love
Rolfe listened to her words and felt concerned for her. She was still in morn
her friend of many years ago. 
"Pocahontas, please don't cry. I'm sure Smith wouldn't want you to cry over
He would want you to be strong and to live your life to the fullest. You are 
Pocahontas. Princess Pocahontas, Embassador for England and your people! Look
what you have become. He would be proud of you, but to see you cry, would hurt
him." Pocahontas lifted her head and looked at John. "It hurts me to see you
because I care about you so." 
John held Pocahontas' hands close to him and wipped away her tears. A shiver
down her spine, a strange feeling, a new feeling she hadn't felt. John Rolfe
her, maybe even loved her. Pocahontas began to feel unusually better. Maybe
was right about Smith. He wouldn't want her to cry. Pocahontas hugged Rolfe,
fun for the night was over and he lead Pocahontas back home. 


Finally the day came where Pocahontas and John Rolfe were to set sail for
All of Pocahontas' friends came to see her off and even her father, who was
a horse given to him by John Rolfe. He wished his daughter a safe journey and 
reminded her that this path she was to follow, was the right path. 

At noon, they set sailed and began to drift off into the ocean. John Rolfe,
remembering that night, kept his distance from Pocahontas because he knew that
she was still in morn for John Smith. This sailing trip would sure enough
bring a 
load of memories back to her and he didn't want to bother her or get in the
John knew that he was falling in love with Pocahontas, but this was certainly
a bad 
time to show it and he was afraid that if he did, she wouldn't feel the same
way for 

After the ship was quite a distance away from shore, John walked up to the bow
the boat and looked on towards London. Pocahontas saw him standing there alone
and decided to join him. 
"John?" Pocahontas leaned over the rail next to John. He looked over to her. 
"Hello Pocahontas." John said quietly, a little depressed. 
"Is that the way to England?" 
"Yes it is." 
"Are you happy to be returning?" 
"I am alittle." 
"Do you have family there?" 
"Yes I do. My mom and dad live in Liverpool. A city near London, but I might
visit them quiet yet." 
"Oh...." Pocahontas looked at the water and started to remember John Smith. 
"Well, if I had someone to visit, like you, I would visit John Smith and tell
him how 
much I miss him and that I made it to England. I would say 'look, I said I
always be with you'." Pocahontas forgot that Rolfe was there and when she 
remembered, she quickly ended her little dream. "Oh, I'm sorry John. I
"That's alright, I know you miss him.........a lot." John said sternly and
walked away 
from her, hurt. Pocahontas felt really bad and went down to her quarters. John
stayed up on deck looking at the water, 'I love her, but she loves someone
else.' He 
sat down and placed his head in his hands. 


~Fog started to roll in and Pocahontas couldn't see where she was going. An
appeared in the distance but she couldn't make it out. It started to speak to
But she couldn't hear it. Then the object came closer. Pocahontas could see
who it 
was.....Grandmother Willow.........but, she had no leaves. Her bark was grey
and her 
branches were stiff. She was dying. Grandmother Willow began to speak to her. 
"Pocahontas, listen to me. You must follow your heart. You must choose the
path. Please child, follow your heart. Your instict is the best compass that
could have to follow you path. Believe in yourself, listen with your
with your heart...." Grandmother Willow's voice began to fade and Pocahontas
after it. 
"Grandmother Willow! Wait! Tell me, what is my path?! I don't know where to
Tell me. Please tell me." Pocahontas stopped running because the more she ran
Grandmother Willow, the thicker the fog was. She had lost her way from the
that lead er here and she was lost. "No! No, someone tell me! Where do I go?
lost!" Pocahontas sat down curled up, crying. Then another figure appeared to
right. A man's figure in the distance. Pocahontas rose to see better. She
know who is was but she followed him. As she got closer, the fog started to
and she could see her way down the path again, but the man vanished. "Where
you? Who are you!?" Pocahontas cried in the fog. No one spoke. She looked
her, no one was there. "Wingapo? Hello?"~ 

Pocahontas woke up in her bed, hot and sweaty. 'It was just a dream!' she
She sat up and looked out the window to see fog out side. 'Just like my dream'
thought. Pocahontas got out of bed. It was already early next morning.
had slept through the whole evening without even eating dinner. She knew she
better get up because Rolfe could be worring about her. 

Pocahontas tried to hurry, but her dream kept spooking her. To see Grandmother
Willow dying made her scared.....and that man figure in the fog dissappearing.
Spooky! She got dressed and went up on deck. Pocahontas thought she was still 
dreaming! It was so foggy on deck she couldn't see her hand in front of her
Pocahontas looked to her right and saw someone standing there so she walked 
towards them. 
"John?" The man didn't answer and walked away towards the front of the boat. 
"No wait!" Pocahontas didn't want to lose the figure because she didn't want
to get 
lost in the fog. She ran after the figure but lost it. Pocahontas, started to
clusterphobic withh all the fog around her. She became dizzy and began to have
trouble breathing. "Hello!" Pocahontas cried. She walked a couple steps then 
turned around quickly, suddenly running into someone. "Oh! Thank Gosh!" 
pocahontas clinged to the man's shirt, not letting go, for fear she would get
lost in 
the fog again. The man looked down at her. 
"Pocahontas?" he said surprised. 
"John? John!" Pocahontas saw who it was and hugged him. 
"What's this?" 
"Oh.........I a....." 
"Get lost in the fog?" He said humorously. 
"Well, don't worry. I know my way. We can walk together." 
Pocahontas felt alot better and safer with Rolfe there with her. She could
him. But then she realized........'this was so much like my dream.' Pocahontas
at John. 'Maybe he was the man in the fog.........maybe John Rolfe is.......my
but I don't understand.......' John stopped walking and turned around to
He had a sad but angry expression. 
"Here's the railing. You can find the rest yourself. I better leave now, I
want to intrude during your morning of Smith.......Bye." John said sadly and
walked away into the fog. Pocahontas felt hurt by his words, then she
John Rolfe loves her and is hurt when I talk about Smith infront of him. 'How 
could I be so blind!' 
"John!" Pocahontas ran to John before he walked away. 
"What is it?" 
"Please don't go." Pocahontas looked up at him with a hurt face. 
"I don't want to bother you." 
Pocahontas didn't know what to say. John Rolfe was so perfect. He cared for
so much that he didn't have the heart to come in between Smith and her...even 
though Smith is gone. Pocahontas couldn't take it any longer. She placed her
around John's neck and kissed him on the lips. John was surprised, but then
his arms around Pocahontas and held her close, in the fog. 

After so many years of morning and thinking that she could love no other, 
Pocahontas found love again in the arms of English diplomat. On the way, she
lead astry, but with the help of Rolfe's love for her and her's for him, she
her path again. But this time, she had someone to walk down the path with,John Rolfe, her lover, her protector, her husband. 

The End 

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