The Mushy John Smith Gallery

Now that we are agree that John Smith is the ultimate animated hunk of them all, only the simple matter of basking in his attractive features is left....unfortunately, since we cannot bring him to life in our homes, us fans will have to be content with staring blissfully at our monitors that display this small, unworthy picture archive of the captain...*sigh.*
WARNING: Pictures and accompanying text are meant for die hard John Smith fans only. May incite exclaimations of "how corny" or "what kind of people are on the web nowadays?" in less devoted fans. It is recommended that your cursors be poised over your back browser button in case you are assualted with symptoms of light headedness, dizzyness, fever, or blushing at the sight of Captain Smith.

Adventurous John

When it comes to action, John is a regular Tarzan! OOOO

Look at him go! The captain scales the rocks with ease, not stopping at the most dizzying heights! AHHHHH

Loving, Charismatic John

A sketch of our hunk at his most charming! *SIGH*

Maybe this picture is with another woman, our lovely Poca, but it just proves how romantic and sweet John can be! AWWWW

Whoa! Look at him go! Lucky Pocahontas!

Melancholy, Troubled John

Why the long face, John? Let us comfort you...:(

Our dashing blond is in life-threatening peril! Summon the rescue squad immediately! (Or just wait 'til dawn at the last possible moment and make a dramatic entrance...:))

John Just Being..John

Even at his most relaxed, John is a breathtaking site to us all! OOOOHHH.....

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