John Smith's Harem

Welcome to John Smith's harem! The handsome, heroic Captain Smith is so wonderful he has a devoted following of female fans. Are you a lover of this hunky older Disney man? Just ask yourself these simple questions:

1. Do I watch Pocahontas over and over until I have memorized his facile expressions?
2. Do I compare every man with blue eyes and blond hair to John Smith?
3. Do I hunt for memorabilia that features Smith?
4. Do I own a John Smith doll that I hug/kiss every night before I sleep?
5. Do I imagine his face in my last waking moments and then dream about him marrying me/kissing me/ rescuing me/etc.??
6.Am I attracted especially to men with high sculptured cheekbones and British accents that enjoy sailing?

Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions..or even one of these questions...or even if you don't fit these statements but you really favor that blond are ready to join John Smith's harem!! Become a wife of your favorite animated's easy! Just click here to tell wife no. 1, Lizahontas, that you want to join!

You may notice some new additions on this page next to different wives' names. Now, many of the wives have posted their stories and/or profiles. The stories tell all you WWW viewers out there a fun little(pretend, I might note) story about how that wife met John Smith, and the profiles tell each wife's "stats" (i.e. favorite colors, foods, activities, age, fave John Smith characteristic, wedding location, etc.) and now include some of the wives' "pictures."

The Harem:
Wife number 1: Yen-Yi (Lizahontas) My Story My Profile

Wife number 2: Ashley My Story My Profile

Wife number 3: Megaralda My Story My Profile

Wife number 4: Amandine

Wife Number 5: Lynleigh Love Meeko My Story My Profile

Wife Number 6: Amy My Story My Profile

Wife Number 7: Tina

Wife Number 8: Jen My Story My Profile

Wife Number 9: Annette

Wife Number 10: Meg My Story My Profile

Wife Number 11: Miss Catrin Garret My Profile

Wife Number 12: RafMeeko

John Smith Harem Links

John Smith has left his wives something VERY SPECIAL! Wanna see it?

The Wives Tell A Story
It's the ultimate fan fic! A long, continuous story written about and by all the wives with a strong dose of John Smith!

Attention Wives and Wife-Wanna-Bes! If you wish to join this club or want to alter your information, click here to use my *NEW* easy little form to submit your information!

The Mushy John Smith Gallery
Visit a tribute to our heroic animated man in the form of pictures! True to its name, it can be mushy!

COMING SOON: John Smith Fan Art Notice: To build this page I need your cooperation! It cannot exist without your help! Send in your fan art of this great captain NOW! ((Please send it in gif or jpeg format.)) I think you know where my email address it is again just in case: -- Lizahontas 8:o)

P.S. This page is a bit of a joke! John Smith's harem is really just a fan club dedicated just to him with a special little theme. I'm sorry if anyone finds this theme offensive, but it's all in the spirit of fun! --Lizahontas

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