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Wingapo! My name is Lizahontas and I have a verrrry serious disease known as Poca-loco. That is, I am crazy about the Disney character Pocahontas! My disease has grown so bad that I decided I had to create a web page dedicated mainly to her -- especially since there is a severe shortage of Pocahontas fan pages! I hope all you dedicated Poca fans enjoy looking around her village, and if you are disappointed by its small size, please visit later on as the village grows!

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Pocahontas and her Disney friends are property of the Walt Disney Company; unfortunately, they DO NOT belong to me or you so please do not misuse the ability to view/use their pictures or info! Also, the leaves background on this page is a special creation by Lizahontas, so please do not steal it!(email me if you wish to use it.) I'm not trying to nag!:)

This Pocahontas Ring site is owned by Lizahontas.

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