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Here are a list of Webrings which I, Lizahontas, am a proud member of!

The Disney Animation Ring
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Mickey Mouse Webring This Mickey Mouse Webring site is owned by

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Disneyphiles Anonymous next This is a Disneyphiles Anonymous Web Ring site.

Hello my name is
Liz 8:o) and I am a disneyphile.

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I hope everyone enjoys visiting these places! If there is a link broken, please let me know. Also, if you would like to exchange links with me, send me your link, site title, banner (gif or jpg), and a description to accompany them. You can contact me by clicking here. Have fun and please come back and visit The Disney Board soon!
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Favorite Links
These are some places on the web I personally recommend visiting!

Judy's "OPPS!"
a message board site about Disney MBBP error beanies and variations.
Sandy's "The Beanie Board"
Post beanie alerts, trades, sales, news, comments and questions!
Becky's Disney Hot Sightings Alert Board
A great place to share "the Disney Spirit" and team up with other collectors to track down beanies through this message board!
Pocahontas: Colors of the Spirit
This page is maintained by my good pal, Love Meeko, who has included the usual Pocahontas fare along with her personal fan art, fan fic, info on the Disneyland play, and much more!
Pocahontas' Village
A page about Pocahontas, Pocahontas and MORE POCAHONTAS!
Disney's Official Site
The official home of Walt Disney Pictures, with info, merchandise, pics, etc. on all your favorite characters! (Might as well go to the source! :))
Dark Lady's Disney Page
This site has great clip art featuring many of Disney's characters.
DISNEY Ever Notice....? Page
A page which catalogues the numerable mistakes, hidden jokes, and Hidden Mickeys in all the Disney animated movies.
Ebay Auction Site
If you haven't heard of this auction site yet or visited, then you're really missing a great opportunity to bid on all kids of great, and many times hard to find Disney collectibles! Registration is easy and only takes a few moments. Visit now!
Kumachans Collectibles
Buy your Disney merchandise here!