Calling all John Smith Harem Wives and Potential Wives!

Fill out my handy new form to join the John Smith Harem, my harmless fan club for John Smith lovers with nowhere else to turn, or to simply modify your information. (Notice to tempted harem wives: major modifications that appear to be suspiciously similiar to other wives' info/pics/stories will NOT be tolerated!) So, go ahead! Enjoy my clever little handy form and the chance to proclaim yourself a John fanatic! Oh, and just one more thing before you begin particpating: you do not necessarily HAVE to submit a picture, a story of how you and John met, PLUS answers to questions about your wife character. You can a)just submit one thing, darnit!, b)submit a couple of these things, or c) submit them all as the overzealous Smith fan you know you are! ( I did...8:o))

1.Do you want to join John Smith's Harem?

Yes, Of COURSE!! I totally dig him..why else would I be here?
No(But really yes, I'm a bit shy about my obsession with John)
I'm already a member of the harem! Just need to modify my info a bit...

2. Answer these special questions about you as John's wife. In answering these, please do not duplicate any scenes/songs from the Pocahontas movies or another wife's answer, if you can help it!

My name:

My age(fictional or real):

My personality:

My favorite foods:

My favorite colors:

My favorite activities

My favorite characteristic of John Smith:

John and I have a special song. It is:

I like John best in these colors:

Our wedding date:

Our wedding place:

Honeymoon spot:

Our wedding colors:

My favorite memory with John Smith:

John's first gift to me:

3. You can also create a tale about how you and John Smith met in the text box below! But please do not copy the story of the movie, or take the ideas of any of the fan fic(unless it's your own fan fic). It doesn't have to be very long or elaborate, don't worry! (But if you do want to submit a story which is longer than this text box permits, you can send it directly to this Webmistress. 8:o))

The story of how I met John:

4. Submitting a "picture" of you is another thing you can do -- this can be a clipart photo of a character, a character of your own design, a real photo, whatever! Just use your imagination! However there is a quid pro quo -- do not use a picture of Pocahontas for your harem wife shot, please! This must be sent to me out side of this form, unless you have a picture uploaded to your personal website directory. In that case, just give me the URL I can pull it from:

Please do respond to this as your answers will be put on a special page about your wife's character! In other words, your obsession for John Smith will be rewarded!