Pocahontas' Two Loves

    By Ashley 

   Pocahontas looked at Rolfe and the man next to him, his face was 
covered so she could
not see his face. 
"Pocahontas thank god your alright....if anything happened to you 
I'd...." Rolfe began in a
kind loving voice. "How did you ever get in jail? What did you do?" 
Pocahontas gave him a mean look "What do you mean what did I DO?! I did 
nothing it was
the rotten no good bastard Ratcliff! He trapped me and took me here!" 
Rolfe was supprised at her reaction "How did you know his name? No 
Indain know's who he
Pocahontas bagan to sob "He is the reason that...that......" 
"Pocahontas tell me" Rolfe said trying to comfort her 
"He is the reason that my first and true love John Smith wasn't in 
Virginia with me!
Ratcliff shot him and he had to return to England and I think he is 
dead!" Pocahontas feel
to the ground sobbing and Rolfe's friend helped her up and wipped her 
eyes. Pocahontas
pulled back in alarm. 
"Who are you?!" 
The man did not want to hide himself from her any longer he removed his 
cloak and
Pocahontas looked at him "John?!" Pocahontas couldn't take this. So much 
had happened to
her that day and now she finds out that John Smith was alive!? She 
pushed Rolfe and Smith
out of her way and ran out of the jail in tears. 
"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. I knew she would probably hate me 
"NO! She still cares about you! I know she does! But you can't blame her 
for her actions
just now. So much has happened to her since she has arrived in England. 
I guess she
couldn't take it anymore. But you are going to enter her life again! Do 
I make myself clear
Smith?!" Rolfe told him with a stern look on his face. 
"Alright, but if she does not wish to see me then she does not have too" 
Smith replied back
as they walked out of the jail. They found her being pushed around by 
"How did you escape that cell?!" He screamed at her, grabbing her arm. 
"Let her go and let her Ratcliff!" Smith demanded. 
"How are you going to make me Smith?!" He laughed curely. 
"Oh I can make you believe me I can!" 
"And I can too" Rolfe said getting in Ratcliff's face. 
Ratcliff began to tighten his grip on Pocahontas' arm 
"Let me go!" Pocahontas screamed trying to jerk loose. 
"Hmmm Smith do you really want this little savage girl?!" Ratcliff said 
"Yes now let her go!" 
"Not so fast!" Ratcliff threw Pocahontas to the ground and drew his 
sword "fight me for
her if you really want her!" 
"Fine I will!" John drew is sword. 
"John no!" Pocahontas grabbed his arm and tried to stop him "Please, I 
almost lost you once
becasue of him. I don't wan't it to happen this time!" Tears were now 
flowing down her
"Pocahontas I have to do this" he wipped the tears from her eyes and 
gentely kissed her
forehead "I promise I will always be with you forever and if I do die I 
promise I will always
look after you and John Rolfe will take care of you. Right Rolfe?" 
"You have my word Smith." 
"Well this is all very touching, but Smith could we?" Ratcliff demanded 
" Oh with pleasure Ratcliff. I have been waiting for this moment for a 
long time!" 
Ratcliff and him began to fight along the streets John Rolfe held her in 
his arms and let
her cry on his shoulder. Finally she heard a scream of pain amd turned 
towards Ratcliff and
Smith. Ratcliff had fallen to the ground Smith had stabbed him. 
"John! Your alright!" Pocahontas cried and ran to him and hugged him. 
"Thank god...."
Pocahontas started into John's soft blue eyes and he wipped her eyes. 
"Come on...lets get you inside you look like your freezing!" John said 
nervously. He had not
seen this woman in five long years. And yet she was not angry towards 
"Smith good fight you really showed him not to mess with our woman!" 
"Yeah, well anyway Pocahontas it was nice to see you again.....well 
bye!" Then John ran
"John? Where are you...." Pocahontas began. 
"Let him go Pocahontas, he will come back. He just is kind of shocked 
that you didn't hit
him or attack him for not letting you know he was alive for five years. 
He will come around
in a few weeks though." Rolfe replied softly kissing her forehead. "Come 
on lets go back to
the house...." 
"No! Tell me where he lives I want to speak with him alone." Pocahontas 
"Alright fine" Rolfe showed her where John Smith lived and went back to 
his house.
Pocahontas knocked on the door. The door opened..... 
"Pocahontas what are you doing here?" He said nervously 
"I want to know why you hate me! Why you don't want to talk to me! Don't 
you remember
what we had five years ago?" 
John took her hand and lead her in his home "I could never forget what 
we had. That was
the best time of my life!" 
"Then why are you ignoring me?!" she cried. 
"Because you love Rolfe that's why!" 
"I care for you both! It is clear though that you no longer care for 
me!" Pocahontas walked
out the house and went back to Rolfe's home. She opened and slamed the 
"Pocahontas?" Miss. Jenkins called "child are you alright?" 
"No!" she cried and went into her room and sobbed. 
Miss Jekins went into Rolfe's room "Mr. Rolfe sir...there is something 
wrong with
Pocahontas she is in her room crying her heart out." 
"Okay I will go talk to her. Thank you Miss. Jenkins." 
John Rolfe knocked on her door "Pocahontas may I come in?" 
"Okay...."she coughed out through her tears. 
John Rolfe walked into her room and sat next to her stroking her hair "I 
told you it would
be a bad idea to go speak with him now." 
"I just don't understand....he cared for me 5 years ago and told me that 
he would always
be with me forever! He even begged me to go to England to stay with him! 
Now he doesn't
love me!" she burried her face in the pillow and sobbed. Rolfe knew she 
need time to be
alone so her kissed her tear stained check and left her alone. 
A couple days past and Pocahontas was begining to feel better, but one 
day there was a
knock on the door and she answered it....."Ratcliff!" she screamed! "You 
can't be alive John
he he..." 
"He only stabbed me, but as you can see I am alive! And you are comming 
with me!" 
Just at that moment John Smith was walking down the street and saw 
Ratcliff yet again
bugging the only woman that he ever loved and carried about. 
Ratcliff pulled out a knife about to strike Pocahontas when John Smith 
grabbed him, turned
him around and  punched him in the face. 
"How many times do I have to tell you to stay away from her?!" John 
"That bitch deserves to die!" Ratcliff shouted angrly 
John grabbed and and slammed him against a wall "What did you just call 
Rolfe who had heard the noise outside and rushed outside and saw John 
Smith beating the
shit out of Ratcliff 
"Hey Smith need any help?" 
"Yes! I could use it!" he called punching Ratcliff. 
Rolfe joined him "How many times do we have to tell you to leave 
Pocahontas alone?!
Hmmmmmm?" Rolfe said twisting Ratcliff's arm. 
"I will never leave her alone! I will follow her and hurt her until I am 
dead!" Ratcliff
"Well then that can be aranged!" Smith shouted holding a knife over 
Ratcliff's head. 
"John no!" Pocahontas screamed holding his arm back from killing 
"Pocahontas don't be foolish let go of my arm!" 
"NO! He may be a bastard, but he does not deserve to die!" 
"Pocahontas let go of my arm now!" he demaned pushing her away from him. 
grabbed the knife from John and slapped him good and hard 
"You are not the John I knew before!" she cried "what has happened to 
"I AM the same person, but I will not allow him to harm you! I love you 
to much to see that
happen to you! I wanted to tell you that a couple days ago, but you left 
beofe I had the
chance!" he bent down and softly kissed her he was crying now "What am I 
going to have to
do to get you to love me again Pocahontas?" 
"I DO!" she cried "but I still love Rolfe too! The reason why I don't 
want you two to fight
him becasue I can't stand loosing either one of you!" 
"What's going on here?!" A powerful voice demanded. 
John welled round "King James!" John Smith, John Rolfe, Ratcliff and 
Pocahontas bowed to
"King James sir let me explain what happened..." Pocahontas began "You 
see Ratcliff, and I
have been rivals for five years. He almost killed the man I love!" 
"And who is that child?" the King asked her kindly. 
"John Smith sir. Anyhow Rolfe took me to England so I could make peace, 
but Ratcliff did
not want that, so he tried to get rid of me, but Rolfe and SMith would 
not allow it...they
warned him once and he did not take it and came after me again and Rolfe 
and Smith just
wanted to protect me that is all sir." 
"Smith, Rolfe is that true?" 
"Yes" Rolfe said 
"Yes sir that is true" Smith responed to the King's question 
"Well then I see no choice here, but to kill Ratcliff" the king  dragged 
Ratcliff to the
gallows and hung him. 
"Well I better go now..." Smith said walking towards his house, but 
Pocahontas had to do
something before he left. Pocahontas grabbed his arm and pulled her 
close to him and
kissed him, but John Smith pulled away and took Pocahontas' hand and 
John Rolfe's hand
and put them together "You belong together.....I am sorry Pocahontas, 
but I cannot be
with you...I don't deserve you....any man who can be madly in love with 
a beautiful girl,
have to leave her, then not contact her for five years does not deserve 
"John by you doing that it made my love for you stronger! But I can't do 
this. I know deep
down that you John Smith still care about me....and you John Rolfe care 
about me. I also
know that if I was with you Mr. Rolfe that he would hurt Mr. Smith. And 
if I was with
Mr. Smith it would hurt you Mr. Rolfe...." 
"Pocahontas you know that Mr. Smith here want's us to be together....so 
why not do what
he says...if it means that much to him???" 
"Your only saying that beacuse he told you to me with me!" Pocahontas 
cried sobbing. She
ran away from them and wondered around London for hours until she found 
her way back to
Rolfe's home where he and Smith were waiting for her. 
"Where where you?" they demanded 
"That is no bussiness of either of you!" she said coldly and cruely. 
"We were worried about you Pocahontas!" Smith told her 
"Yeah, I'm sure...." 
Smith couldn't help it he grabbed her arm, pulled her close to him and 
softly kissed her "I
said we were worried about you...." 
Pocahontas felt like she was on some wonderful drug John Smith's lips 
and touched her's
"I think you need to remind me again John" 
"Well okay..." he said softly kissing her again 
"Ummm Pocahontas where did you go?" Rolfe said interupting them 
"Hmmmm"? Pocahontas asked in a daze 
"I said where did you go"? 
"Oh I just walked around for a while that 's  all." The she pulled John 
Smith close to her
again and kissed her. 
"Pocahontas I want to tell you the whole reason why I am here...." John 
Smith began 
"Okay" she replied sweet as can be 
"Well one reason was to say I am sorry for acting really stupid a couple 
days ago when you
came to talk to me, and the other one was to ask you yet again "come 
with me?" he said
holding his hand. 
"She turned to Rolfe" he had a smile on his face 
"It's your choice" 
"She turned again to Smith and thought back about what had happened the 
last time when
he asked her to come with him and how she said no and it seperated him 
from her for five
years, on the other hand Rolfe had been sweet kind and loving to her, 
she loved them both
"Is there anyway that I could be with both of you?" she asked them 
"NO!" the both replied at the same time. Both had there hand out for her 
to take it.
Pocahontas looked at Smith then Rolfe then took Smith's hand. Rolfe did 
not look supprised
nor shocked. 
"Well Smith congratulations you have the most beautiful girl in London 
and Virginia.  I only
hope that all 3 of us can be the best of friends though." 
"It's a deal" Smith said 
"Yeah, only of all 3 of us are the very best of friends" Pocahontas said 
"Do you two want to stay here tonight?" 
"Okay sure, but tommrow I am taking Pocahontas back to Virginia with me 
and your coming
with us." 
"Why?" Rolfe asked 
"So they could see the 3 genius' that made peace that's why!" 
"Ahhh how cute" Pocahontas said 
"What?" Smith said 
"Well you two are just so cute when you are talking together that's 
"Come here you!" Smith replied pulling Pocahontas close to him and 
kissed her. "Pocahontas
may I ask you a question?" Smith asked her with a smile on his face 
"Okay what is it?" she asked him 
"Will you marry me?" 
"YES!" she screamed with happiness kissing him. 
"Ahhhh Mr. Rolfe sir isn't that cute Pocahontas is finally happy." 
"Yes, it is very cute." 
"Well Rolfe Pocahontas and I are going to bed. Be sure to be ready 
tommrow so we can get
ready to go to Virgina." 
"Okay, good night Mr. Smith Mrs. Smith." 
John smiled "Ha Ha that is so  cute good night Mr. Rolfe" 
"Good night John Rolfe." Pocahontas said leading John Smith into her 
The next day they hopped on a ship to Virginia and when they arrived 
they couldn't believe
what they saw 
"They made peace with out us!" Pocahontas said happily 
"Cool!" Rolfe said 
"Yeah, now Pocahontas is there a presit or a minser or priest living in 
Jamestown?" he asked
putting his arms around her and softly kissing her neck. 
"Yes there is honey, lets go!" 
A couple hours later Pocahontas and John wre happily married. He Rolfe 
and Pocahontas
were all the best friends. They made sure that the peace was kept. John Rolfe married a
beautiful girl from Jamestown and John Smith and Pocahontas Smith 
(hehehehe) made Rolfe
and his wife godparents of their children and Rolfe and his wife made 
Smith and Pocahontas
their kids god parnets. The peace was kept and they all lived in peace 
even after they died.

The End 

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