A mystrous stranger:
                                                By Ashley

    Upon hearing rumors about John Smith's death a heartborken Pocahontas agreed to go to Lodon, England with John Rolfe to serve as an ambassador for peace. On they way to London Pocahontas and John Rolfe started to fall in love.
    When they arrived in England, the evil Governor Ratcliff who had learned of Pocahontas' presants in England serving for peace decided that he needed to get her out of the way. So he kidnapped her and put her in a cold dark prison.
    John Smith who was not dead, had heard that his beloved Pocahontas was in England and found out she was staying with John Rolfe so he went to the house.
"Good morrow" Smith said
"Good morrow" Rolfe replied back
"Um exuse me, I am an old friend of Pocahontas' and I wish to see her. Is she here at the moment?" John Smith asked John Rolfe.
"No, she has been gone for a couple of hours and I am starting to get worried about her." John Rolfe said quietly and nervously. "Maybe you and I should go look for her. You wouldn't happen to know who Capt. John Smith is would you?" John Rolfe said unaware of who this man was.
John Smith smiled "I am John Smith. Pleased to meet you." the two men shoke hands. And John Rolfe invited him in and they sat down and talked.
John Rolfe suddenly had an idea "Do you have a cloak?"
"Uh ya...why?"
John Rolfe smiled "put it on and keep it on. You see she thinks you dead, and when we find her she will not know who you are.Then when we know we are safe where nobody can hurt Pocahontas..take it off. I believe she will be so happy to know you are alive. She had cried herself to sleep many nights on the way to England calling for you in her sleep. Were you two like in love or something?"
John Smith sighed "Yes for a short time that ended all too soon no thanks to that bastard Ratcliff!"
John Rolfe became very interested "tell me what happened."
John Smith smiled "When I went to the new world, I was totaly a different person. I wanted gold and I was obsessed with killing indians and I refered to them as savages, but when I arrived there I met Pocahontas and I feel madly in love with her. I also found out there was no gold. We serectly met each other when our people were at war. One night we were cought kissing by a warrior from her tribe and he almost killed me, but one of my men killed him insteed. I was blamed for the man's death, and was going to die, but Pocahontas saved me right before war broke out confessing her love for me in front of my people and hers. Her father let me go free, but Ratcliff who still thought there was gold and shot at her father I threw him out of the way taking the bullet myself. I had to leave Pocahontas and go back to England and have my wounds taken care of. I have never seen her since and that was in 1607, but it is now 1612 it has been five years. And I miss her so much."
John Rolfe felt hurt "I am so sorry that had to happen..."
John Smith smiled "Don't worry about that lad, right now we have to find Pocahontas." John Smith said putting on his cloak so it covered up his face
"Okay lets go!" Rolfe said.
John Smith and John Rolfe ran out the door and they spoted Ratcliff. John Smith grabbed him and slamed him against a wall "Where is Pocahontas what did you do to her?!"
Ratcliff backed away "Listen buddy I don't know who you are..." and then he looked at Rolfe "and I don't know who you are, but I refuse to tell you where that savage is!"
John Smith pulled out his knife from his boot...."WHERE IS SHE????" he said putting the knife to his neck.
"Alright I'll tell you where she is....I put her in the London jail....now leave me alone!"
John Rolfe punched Ratcliff in the stomach and he and Smith ran to the London jail and searched until they found Pocahontas' cell.
"John Rolfe your here and oh...hello mystrous person." she looked at Rolfe again "get me out of here please."
The cloaked man un-locked the door and handed Pocahontas a jacket to keep her warm then disgusing his voice the best he could said
"I know where we can go, but you Pocahontas eill have to ride a horse understand?"
Pocahontas nodded. The cloaked man and Rolfe lead her out of the jail and they jumped on some horse's and rode for hours until they reached an old cabin the cloaked man helped Pocahontas off her horse.
"May I see who you really are?" Pocahontas asked.
The cloacked man spoke in his disgused voice
"Not yet, but you will once were are settled inside the cabin."
"Okay..." Pocahontas said quietly
John Rolfe and the cloaked man found a little stable built in the back of the house, put the horse's in there gave them some furit and water and led Pocahontas inside and sat her down on a table.
"Now Pocahontas before I reveal myself to you. You must promise not to hit,or hate me okay?"
Pocahontas was confussed
"Um why would I hit you or hate you if I don't know who you are...I don't know anyone in England....."
The cloaked man removed the cloak from his face reveling herself to Pocahontas.
Her eyes filled with tears "John!" she cried and run up to him trew her arms around his neck and hugged him crying on his shoulder "I thought you were dead!" She looked at him again and softly touched his face "thank god you alive and okay." John Smith softly stroked her hair
John Rolfe couldn't watch as Pocahontas' love slipped from him and returned to Smith so he walked outside, but Pocahontas and Smith didn't notice he was gone. Rolfe sat outside he was so stupid to have Smith help him now Pocahontas would be with Smith and he would loose her, but he knew there was no time to think about that becasue he heard Ratcliff in the distance and he was comming there way. He ran back in the house to find Pocahontas and Smith lip locking "We have to get out of here Ratcliff is comming this way!" Pocahontas and John Smith stopped kissing and they sunk out of the house and hopped on the horses and galloped away. When they knew that they were finally safe Rolfe knew Pocahontas was not going to leave Smith he could tell they wanted to be together becasue they rode they same horse together and the way she held to John was just something he couldn't look at.
"Well um, I guess you two will want to be together huh?" he manged to choke out.
"Yes, John and I wish to be together after five years I have still loved him and he me, and I just can't see throwing that away, but I owe you a big thank you for taking me to England becasue of you my people and the white men are at peace, and if it hadn't of been for you I would of never known that my sweet John Smith was alive. I hope we can still be good friends though." Pocahontas gave him a sweet smile.
"Okay I will be your friends, I am just gald that you are finally happy." John Rolfe kissed her hand "Okay, but Ratcliff may still follow you unless you both sneak on a ship to Virginia or something....I can sneak you on, but John you will have to act like the man in the cloak and you Pocahontas wll have to where a dress to hid your skin and a shall over your face I will sneak you on...I think I might go with you...who knows maybe I can find a home in Jamestown."
John Smith smiled he knew Rolfe was jealous but yet didn't fight of argue over the fact that he and Pocahontas were in love and she wanted nothing from Rolfe. "Thank you for your help so far." Smith told him.
Rolfe smiled "Your welcome. Now lets sneak you on that ship!"
Rolfe worked hard and sunk them on the ship and it so happened a minster was on the ship and Pocahontas and John Smith were married. John Rolfe found happiness with an Indian woman from another tribe and they were married. John Smith wrote a letter to King James telling him what had happened and everything Ratcliff had to his majasty was alie and the last they heard Ratcliff was tried for treason and hanged. Pocahontas and John lived a happy life and rasied a son and a daugher, and lived in peace with until the day they died.

The End
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