Pocahontas' Decision:

   By: Ashley Brown

Pocahontas walked into John Rolfe's living room where he and John Smith were waiting for her.

"Well um...as you know I love you both dearly and if I could I would be with both of you, but I know I have to choose one of you to be happy...." Pocahontas began.

"Pocahontas, if this is hard for you, we can wait a couple more weeks or months to make your descion" John Smith told her in a caring voice.

"That's right, all we want is for you to be happy." John Rolfe told her.

Pocahontas smiled at the two men "Thank you, but this descion has to be made and it has to be made today." Pocahontas said taking a deep breath. "The person I want to be with always and forever is John...." John Smith's and John Rolfe's hearts began to beat faster then usual, both at the edge of their seat wondering which man would get to spend the rest of his life with Pocahontas. Pocahontas began again...

"The person I wish to be with is John...John Smith."

John Smith just stood there speachless not knowing what do say or do at that moment, but John Rolfe however knew excatly what to do, her descion just stabed him in the heart and he was in great pain and angony.John Rolfe couldn't even look at her, it just hurt to much he turned his head away from Pocahontas and looked at the floor.

"I want to be with John becasue, I loved him dearly...I saved him from death, and confessed my love to him in front of his people and mine, even when that evil Governor Ratcliff shot John and he had to return back to England I still loved him, even when I heard rumors that he was dead I knew in my heart I still loved him. After five years my heart was with him, John Rolfe please understand...please don't hate me or John Smith...please."

John Rolfe sighed he wanted to look at her but he couldn't

" I don't hate you....even though you and Capt. Smith here are together and madly in love. I still can't help, but being in love with you. What did I do wrong, to make you not want to be with me? I could give you more then that Captin could in a lifetime! He is only a poor Captain, but I am a rich diplomat. What can he give you that I can't! I demand to know!" John Rolfe screamed.

Pocahontas became very frightend "John Rolfe, please understand my descion, please understand that for me to be happy I need to be with John Smith!"

"You did not answer my question what can he give you that I can't?!" he screamed again.

"TRUE LOVE!" Pocahontas shouted. "Do you want me to spell it out for you?!" Pocahontas screamed.

John Rolfe became very flustered and very angry and advanced on Pocahontas as if he was going to hit her, but John Smith who had been silent through this hole converstion blocked Rolfe so he couldn't get near Pocahontas.

"Get out of my way Smith if you tresure your life!" Rolfe demanded. But John Smith being brave wouldn't budge

"If you really care for Pocahontas you will leave her with her descion!" he said.

John Rolfe started laughing an evil laugh "Oh right leave her with her descion becasue she's with YOU!? You would do the same thing if she had choosen to be with me Smith!" he shouted.

John Smith shoke his head

"No Rolfe, I would not do what you are doing because I would respect the fact that Pocahontas loved and wanted to be with you!" John Rolfe became flustered yet again and punched Smith and he feel to the ground, but got back up and was about to punch Rolfe, but Pocahontas stoped him.

"John, honey don't. You don't want to be like him do you?" Pocahontas said looking deep into his soft blue eyes.

John looked at Pocahontas and softly kissed her

"No I don't want to be like him..." John wispered softly to Pocahontas "but..." he went on "but if he thinks for one moment I am going to let him hurt you he is wrong. I will never let anyone seperate us again!" John said starting to cry. He was so happy that after five long years he and Pocahontas would finally be together. Pocahontas softly kissed John and wipped away his tears. John took Pocahontas' hand "Come on honey lets go home, you don't need to stick around here anymore...." John looked at Rolfe. "Look I know you are still upset, but um would you let Pocahontas get her things?" he said trying to be nice to Rolfe. Rolfe looked coldly at Pocahontas and John

"Yes go get your things and get out of my house I don't need you here you little bitch! If I hadn't of taking you to London, you would of never know that your perious John Smith was even alive! Just get your things and get out of my house!" John Rolfe said with tears rolling down his face.Pocahontas ran into her room and quickly packed her things and walked out. John Smith looked at Pocahontas she grew more beautiful by the moment.

"John Smith honey I am ready to go..." she said softly to him. John Smith smiled "Alright honey, but before I go may I ask you a question?" he asked her. Pocahontas nodded

"Yes John, what is it?"

"Pocahontas will you marry me?" John asked her. Tears filled Pocahontas' eyes.

"Yes John, Yes I will!" She cried throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him with extreme passion that really pissed of John Rolfe. Rolfe grabbed his gun and shot it in the air so they would be aware of the guns presants. John and Pocahontas ran out the door, still carying Pocahontas stuff, but Rolfe follwed screaming

"I hope you enjoy your time together!"

Finally Pocahontas and John Smith reached his house and John lead her in the door and helped her unpack her things.

"Oh, John. I love you so much. I am sorry that happened back there..." she began to cry on his shoulder, but John comforted her.

"Oh, Pocahontas angel I love you too, it is not your falt what happened back there. Understand?"

"Okay..." Pocahontas wispered. Since Rolfe wasn't there to stop Pocahontas and John, they began to kiss passionatly.

"Oh, I am so glad you are going to marry me Pocahontas. I feel like I am the luckest man alive."

Just as John said that there was a knock on the door, so John and Pocahontas went to answer it....

"Oh um err...Rolfe!? What do you want?" John said nervously as Pocahontas clung to John's arm tightly, she was very afraid becasue Rolfe was here. After his actions today he had no bussiness to be at John's home.

"Um, I wanted to say I am sorry for about what happened earlier today. My actions were un-called for and I shouldn't of blown up like that. Pocahontas I am sorry if I scared you and upset you. Do you think you can forgive me?" he asked full of hope. Pocahontas looked at John Smith

"Pocahontas it is your descion wheater or not you want to forgive him or not. I don't care what you decide at all honey."

"No, I shall not forgive you..I bid you good day sir!" Pocahontas said shuting the door on his face. John held Pocahontas in his arms.

"Okay here is what we will do...we will get married tommrow...is that okay with you?"

"I would love that John"

"Then we will hop on a ship to Virginia, and stay there happily for the rest of our lives. How does that plan sound to you my love?"

Pocahontas answered his question with a passionate kiss on the lips. The next day Pocahontas and John were married and furious that John Rolfe was there watching them join together as husband and wife, but said nothing. After Pocahontas and John were married, they went to John's house and packed up everything they would need on the long voyage back to Pocahontas' home. They arrived at the ships deck and went on the ship that would take them to beautiful Virginia.

"Oh John it has been to long since I have been here. I hope Thomas and Nakoma keep the peace between our people alive."

"Don't worry Pocahontas, if they didn't keep it alive you and I could easily bring peace to our people again."

Pocahontas smiled and kissed her husband. As they steeped off the ship Nakoma and Thomas who had been married two weeks earlier saw them and ran up to greet them.

"John lad your alive. We heard here that you died."

"Well, I am alive and well Thomas, alive and well. And Pocahontas and I are married."

"Oh, Pocahontas that is so wonderful. Thomas and I just got married two weeks ago."

Pocahontas let out a sigh of relif "So the peace has been kept between our people that goodness."

Nakoma smiled "And I see that you and John will be excepting soon!"

Nakoma said as all for of them walked together with Thomas and John carrying the stuff that Pocahontas and John owned.

"Oh yes, in five months the baby will be coming" John told her.

Nakoma smiled at John, she was happy to see her best friend was finally happy.

Five months passed quickly and Pocahontas gave birth to a baby girl in which they named Rebbeca. John had  built Pocahontas a handsome little house in her village and there they lived happily with their daughter.  Years passed and John amd Pocahontas were very happy together in deed.  They lived the rest of their lives together in peace.

The End

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