WARNING! WARNING! Pocahontas II Quiz Answers!

If you do NOT want to see this answers, click your back button on your web browser! These are the answers to my special Pocahontas quiz concerning Pocahontas II, Journey to the New World:

1:What famous writer makes a cameo apperance in P:JNW?

A: William Shakespeare appears during the musical number, "What A Day."

2.What role does Pocahontas take when she goes to England?

A:Pocahontas is a diplomat.

3.What specific character does she travel from Virginia with?

A: Pocahontas travels with John Rolfe .

4.What actor does the voice for this character?

A: Billy Zane (the evil fiance from Titanic) voices the character.

5.Why does this actor voice his part lying down?

A:He had injured his ankle while filming Titanic.

6.What is the name of the servant who helps Pocahontas into her corset?

A: John Rolfe's sevant who aids Pocahontas into the corset is Mrs. Jenkins .

7.Who is the voice of John Smith?

A: Instead of the hunky Mel Gibson, his brother Donal voices John Smith in the sequel.

8.What is hidden in the dress Pocahontas wears to the ball?

A: There on three circles on the "fringe" of her dress that form a pyramid shape, but if you examine it closely in one scene, they are reversed to form a "Hidden Mickey."

9.Who is the villian for the sequel?

A:Duh! Ratcliff, of course, returns to torment our favorite Native American.

10.What real animal sound effect is used for the bear?

A: For the most part, actual bear sounds are used, but one loud sound during the "bear baiting" sequence is actually an elephant .

11.Who is the king of England at this time?

A: King James is ruling currently in England for the story. (duh...Jamestown!)

12.What specific city does Pocahontas visit?

A: Pocahontas goes to London ! (Where else? Another gimme, folks! 8:o))