Pocahontas in the USA,(or anywhere, for that matter)

Believe or not, Pocahontas is NOT just a cool Disney character and a historical figure -- she's a geographical location! Here's just a few that have been found using her famous name:

1.Pocahontas, Missouri
2.Pocahontas Street(State? Email if you know..)
3.Pocahontas County,West Virginia
5. Pocahontas County, Iowa
6.Pocahontas Elementry School in Iowa Submitted by Love Meeko
7.Pocahontas High School in Iowa Submitted by Love Meeko
8.Pocahontas, Illinois Submitted by PsychoFan8
9.Pocahontas (city), Iowa Submitted by Megaralda
10.Pocahontas public library in Iowa Submitted by Megaralda
11.Bank of Pocahontas in Cave City Submitted by Megaralda
12.Pocahontas, AR Submitted by Megaralda
13.Pocahontas State Park,Virginia (near Richmond) Submitted by Megaralda
14.Pocahontas Foods USA (Note: food distributer --I know this isn't a location but I thought I'd add it anyway!!) Submitted by Megaralda

My fellow faithful Pocahontas fans may have noticed that this page has become more leniant in its material lately -- now, businesses, schools, and even a company has been included!! That is because I, personally, find these items rather interesting and have posted them in hopes that you do too!

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