How much do you know about the new sequel to Pocahontas?
Some are easy, others require more behind-the-scenes knowledge! Good luck! 1.What famous writer makes a cameo apperance in P:JNW? 2.What role does Pocahontas take when she goes to England? 3.What specific character does she travel from Virginia with? 4.What actor does the voice for this character? 5.Why does this actor voice his part lying down? 6.What is the name of the servant who helps Pocahontas into her corset? 7.Who is the voice of John Smith? 8.What is hidden in the dress Pocahontas wears to the ball? 9.Who is the villian for the sequel? 10.What real animal sound effect is used for the bear? 11.Who is the king of England at this time? 12.What specific city does Pocahontas visit? The answers are located here.
What People thought should happen in Poca 2:

I think Pocahontas should choose John Smith because he was her first love. Although John S. may not seem as cute compared to John R., It's only because it's the T.V. animators. They can't draw Smith as well as the original artists did. Also, they ( The Disney T.V. animators ) created the character Rolfe, so it was easier for them to draw. I think Disney is trying to change their story so it's like history, but they already made her love John Smith, which is a good story, so why change it? --Meg 8/7/98

I want Pocahontas to choose John Smith and he is by FAR way hotter then John Rolfe, but I read somewhere it will be a supprise who she chooses, maybe she goes with John Smith, or maybe Rolfe, or maybe she leaves them both! :-) -- Ashley 8/14/98

Did these people's wishes come true? Well, I have finally seen Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World! Click here to read my opinion, which contains *WARNING* spoilers!

Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World had a very special premiere in New York!! Click here to read about the spectacular premiere of Poca 2!

ALSO...WATCH FOR the Poca 2 commercial on Nickelodeon!

This commercial, only spotted on the Nick channel (so far) features never-before-seen clips from the movie, such as:
1. John Smith telling the king, "Ratcliff has been lying to you all!"
2. Pocahontas, John Smith, and John Rolfe riding on horseback
3. Pocahontas sandwiched between John Smith and John Rolfe, standing on the ship
Unfortunately, that's all I remember for now, since I've only caught it once. Next time, I will pay more attention and be ready with paper and pen to take notes(:)). If you are truly Poca crazy, I highly reccommend that you keep a lookout for this commercial! (Try not to watch Nick 24 hours a day, though....I don't want your parents writing me mean emails about their kid being glued to the TV 'cause of this page!!)


I saw a commercial on Disney about the sequel. My favorite line from it is when Pocahontas sees John Rolfe in his quarters and she says to him,"How do I look?" John replies,"You look you're underwear." --Submitted by Jim

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