The Voting Booth

1.Do you like the new page design for Pocahontas' Enchanted Village?
Yes, it's beyond genius!
No! The original design kicked butt!

2.What character from Pocahontas would you like to see a page based on in Pocahontas' Enchanted Village?
Chief Powhatan
Lon and Ben
(OOPS! I forgot two characters! If you have already voted but want to vote for one of these two characters, go ahead and re-vote!)
Grandmother Willow

3.Which way is "Powhatan" pronounced? (Or, which way do you like to pronounce it?)
Pow-hah-tan, duh!
Nuh-uh! It's Pow-uh-tan!

4.Check those pages which you would like to see on this site in the future.
Historical Pocahontas page
Historical John Smith page
Pocahontas merchandise page
The Making of Disney's Pocahontas
Other! I don't like any of those other choices!

If you were being difficult and selected "other," then you have to suggest a page. 8:o) All you nice, cooperative people can skip this question!!!

What would improve this site? Do you have any suggestions or comments? Please fill them in here.(If you have nothing to say about my brilliant site, then simply "N/A" will do.)