Pocahontas' Enchanted Village

Welcome to Pocahontas' Enchanted Village! I'm the creator and Webmistress, Lizahontas, who created this page out of an intense affliction of "Poca-loca." For those of you who are not familiar with this disease, Poca-loca is a condition which causes it's sufferers to crave Pocahontas exposure around the clock, producing these symptoms:
-a need to watch the movie hundreds of times a week, sometimes a DAY and quote the lines with it
-an intense craving for merchandise, collectibles, and such bearing her and fellow friends' images, no matter how obvious the attempt by the manufacturer to hit their pocketbook and rip them off
-enhanced brain power which allows storage by the cells of useless trivia concerning the making of the movie; i.e., the names of every animator, how many pencils each one used, etc.
-enjoyment involves searching the web to look at Pocahontas web pages (and EVEN CONSUME PRECIOUS TIME MAKING ONE!)
-sometimes accompanied by an overall love for Disney and may include a worshipful view of Glen Keane
If you experience any of these symptoms, or know of other ones which are appropriate to this disease, you've come to the right place. To satisfy your craving for Pocahontas, I have compiled several pages concerning her which you can link to from this page. Immediately beside this rambling section of fun is a menu containing pictures which link to my many pages. If you pass your mouse over any of the pictures, you will see the title of the page they link to(this effect does take some time to completely load the first time your browser is exposed to it). If you are an unfortunate person who doesn't have Java, not to worry. I have included regular old links under each picture.
PLEASE READ THIS NOTICE: Do NOT click "Back to Pocahontas' Enchanted Village" on any of my pages. They will not correctly link you. Please click "To Main Page" on my side menu instead. I am working on this problem. Thank you.
Now, if you want to know what each page is (And I'm sure some of them will need explaining :o)), please check the text below my guestbook (after you sign it, of course). ENJOY!

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Kekata's Smoke Screen: View different movie stills, or link off the page to see some special pictures, like rough animation pictures or movie posters.
Flit's Sing-a-long Songs: Contains several midis (music files) for many of the different songs, and even different versions of the same songs. The midi you click on will come up as a seperate window. Also on this page you can link to the lyrics for each song, and read them as you listen to the song!
Nakoma's Craft Hut: Break out the crayolas! Print out line art pictures of Pocahontas characters from this page, perfect for coloring. And pretending you're Glen Keane while you do so.
Pocahontas' Hermit Friends Hut: It's hard to believe it, but there are critics out there who liked Pocahontas. Read what they had to say, and bask in the glory of their wisdom.
Grandmother Willow's Glade: A look at Pocahontas II. People's opinions (including mine), mistakes, pictures, etc.
John Smith's Harem: Smitten with the hunky captain? Get a load of my crazy page dedicated to him. Take a look at the wives in John Smith's Harem (silly fans in a harmless theme fan club, in case you're wondering), read their stats and stories of how they met John, drool over pictures of John, help me build a John fan art page, etc.
Meeko's Storytime Tree: Read stories written by fans for fans involving Pocahontas and John.
Powhatan Road Map: See where Pocahontas has left her mark geographically.
Pocahontas and John's Art Studio: A gallery of drawings by their fans.
Village Groupboard:Draw on this whiteboard with other people online, and chat with them too! Save your artwork, load other people's, and leave messages!
Lizahontas' Other Site:Take a look at my other site, called "The Disney Board," a message board where you can discuss ANYTHING Disney!
Email Webmistress:Email me! I welcome comments, suggestions, fan fic, fan art, requests to join John Smith's Harem, etc.!
Other Villages and Nations:Links and Webrings

DISCLAIMER: Pocahontas and her Disney friends are property of the Walt Disney Company; unfortunately, they DO NOT belong to me or you so please do not misuse the ability to view/use their pictures or info! Also, the leaves background and the manipulated images in the menu on this page are special creations by Lizahontas, so please do not steal them!(email me if you wish to use it.) I'm not trying to nag!:)

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